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Nicotine Free

You have decided to quit smoking! Congratulations! You have made a decision that will have an incredibly positive impact on your health, your longevity, and your self-esteem. Nicotine Free can provide one of the keys to your new freedom! Nicotine Free is a modern two sprays, three times a day remedy that is both safe and effective.

Relieves symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal, such as:

• Craving for cigarettes
• Nervousness
• Insomnia
• Cough
• Increased appetite

• Non-Drowsy, with No Drug Interactions.
• Safe for the elderly and high risk patients.
• Safe for use with prescription medication, dietary supplementsand herbs.
• 100% Natural - no artificial additives orpreservatives

Liddell Nicotine Free (1 oz)

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