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As smoking is considered a cause of various chronic diseases, quitting smoking is also a direct treatment of all your ill health obtained via smoking.
The most common form of conventional treatment for quitting smoking is the use of nicotine replacement therapy. These will help you end your smoking habit by swapping your cigarettes for patches or gum that deliver the nicotine in a way that is less harmful to your health. This doesn’t solve your addiction problem as you still need to get off the nicotine which is what gets you addicted to smoking. But it’s a great start and you are better off doing this than continuing to smoke as you will be exposing yourself to a lot less harmful chemicals that are added to cigarettes. You will have to ease yourself off the nicotine substitute gradually in order to overcome your addiction.
If you search on the internet, you will find an almost infinite number of products that will help you quit smoking. The most widely used nicotine replacements are still nicotine gum, such as Nicorette and patches, such as NicoDerm. The gums supply your body with nicotine to help control the cravings.