Learn all facts about nicotine

Smoking cessation

In fact it is very hard to quit smoking. This is because the habit is really addictive. Those who have tried to decade quit smoking find process of cessation irritable because they don’t have a cigarette to puff. Nicotine withdrawal is what causing the anxiety and irritability when unable to have a smoke. Nicotine instantly goes to the brain when smoking. While the nicotine is filling the brain it sends out a chemical dopamine giving a feeling of enjoyment and tranquillity.

If you tell yourself that it is time for smoking cessation, be ready to say ‘so long’ to those sticks and packs of cigars. You must have a commitment to yourself. List down the things that will make you quit smoking. If you are health conscious do this for yourself your family or your children. Making a quitting plan is a great way to quitting successfully. Best way is to ask professionals.

You need to find out what is your individual best way to quit smoking. 

There is a great difference between searching the best way in general and the best way for you.

Drawing parallel lines check out what the best way to quit smoking should mean to you personally:

1.  Your response – how comfortable you are with the method? Do you hate needles – then acupuncture (however effective) cannot be your best way to quit smoking.  Here, your personal preference takes precedence over what the market in general thinks about the particular method.

2.  Cost – some people feel that the right cost is when you get value for your money. Hence, if you pay US $10 for something that is actually valued at US $1 you the product or service is expensive and vice-versa. This applies to emotional cost as well. Therefore, what some people would find expensive, other would find acceptable.

3.         Rate of success – the best  way to quit smoking is the one that would give you the best chance to succeed. This would depend on what you find suitable enough to follow and stick to.